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Warmth in the Christie Mountain Fire

120 fire trucks from around the province! 300 personnel! 18 helicopters (one in the background carrying water. Some smoke from the fire is visible as well)! 2 air tanker groups!

And much more...

Including... One heroic Jewish Man who didn't sleep almost at all, for 10 days straight, taking charge from minute one until now, combating the Christie Mountain Fire, dedicating himself to protecting and keeping all of us safe.

Thank you for your tireless efforts Sean Vaisler, Director of Emergency Operations Centre for the regional district of Okanagan Similkameen!

Here's what happened this past Friday.

As always, our family was en-route to people's homes and offices, bringing them the warmth and joy (and kitchen) of Chabad, to their doorstep.

This week's route was to the Penticton area of the Okanagan, and some nearby towns.

It's approximately an hour away from Kelowna, so we're not quite there every day.

How divine is it then, that although, as Sean said, he was supposed to be out at an appointment in the afternoon during the time that we were in town, something made him stay back and rest for a few minutes.....


.....when Fraidy and I along with our children came to his door with our Chabad Okanagan Shabbos Joy and Care Package, filled with delicacies, education and friendship!

What a wonderful rendezvous we had, and even an extra few minutes to recharge spiritually with the awesome Mitzvah of Tefillin! He was so welcoming, and greatly appreciative for our visit, and that we're always thinking of him and Gabriella.

We're so glad that he was at home when we came to his part of the region, and that we were able to catch up and thank him personally for his tireless efforts.

I'm always a proud Jew. Our lives are dedicated to caring for others, making the world a better place by revealing G-dliness in it through Mitzvahs and spreading goodness and kindness for all, no matter who, often even with self sacrifice.

Standing near Sean on Friday made me even prouder.

Thank you! You are a star!

HUGE THANK YOU to the whole team of over 300 personnel who did such an incredible job getting this big burn under control.

You are all heroes.

Thank you for your service.

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