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Our Home as Defined by Our 7 Year Old Daughter

It was Tuesday Dec. 18 2018.

A man named Michael was scheduled to meet with me.

This would be our first encounter.

As always, I was filled with joy, eager to meet another Yid in town and to be of support in any way I can.

But something very unique and special happened this time.

Being a bit early for whatever reason, Michael knocked on the front door of our home instead of going straight to the Shul

As I walked down the stairs to get the door, our daughter Mushka was leaning over the ledge to see who it was.

Mushka was 7 years old at the time.

Upon seeing a new face when Michael walked in, she leaned her head over the ledge and said with a HUGE smile:





Afterwards that huge smile contagiously spread to Michael and I, and to our wonderful meeting that followed.

I still don't know where she got the courage to say it, or what propelled her to do so, but I remember it with great fondness.

Mushka remembers it.

Michael remembers it.

And it warms our hearts when we reminisce about it.

We then walked over to the shul and made a nice surprise bar mitzvah celebration as we wrapped Tefillin for the first time in his life.

Initiating the beginning of a new journey of learning and joy, friendship and celebration, and higher living.

Since then we've done so many great Mitzvahs together and with HaShem's help we look forward to many more.

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