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It's Going to Hundreds of Homes in the Okanagan

Dear Community,

As we wish you a warm Shabbat shalom, staying connected and inspired now more than ever, we thought it would be nice to add a little extra twist, something like a Corona safe virtual HUGE H.U.G. (See our last HUGE hug here.).

Heartwarming. Uplifting. Gratefulness.

We hope you'll really enjoy this little package, full of goodness and some tools to transcend the mundane and to overcome the overt meshugas in the world today, by digging a bit deeper to find gratefulness in our rich beautiful traditions and treasured heritage. These will be delivered throughout our region over the next few weeks, G-d willing.

Dr. Viktor Frankl bravely spread the message.

Even his own teacher Freud, ridiculed him.

Ultimately though, he kept on going, fearlessly storming the world with the message that we can live with joy through anything, when we live with purpose and meaning.

Believe it or not, he attributes much of his continued success to the Rebbe, who’s thoughtfulness and invaluable support and encouragement helped him get to the finish line, and touch the hundreds of millions of people that he has touched to this day with his message that life has purpose and meaning.

For us, as the Jewish people, our Torah and enriching heritage has been such an extraordinary gift. It continues to lift, guide and inspire, each of us on our level.

One of the most famous Jewish gifts that we are personally eternally grateful for, is Shabbat.

On page seven in the Shabbat Table Companion gift, you'll find a thought-provoking quick Shabbat premier.

Surely you’ll have much more to add about your own beautiful Shabbat experiences.

We'd love to hear and learn from your personal touch of Shabbat. Please share it with us.

There's lots of easy to use, and enjoyable information in this little Shabbat table companion.

Use it to help guests understand what's going on at your Shabbat table or just as a refresher like we do, or even just for the songs in the back.

A lot of dedication, love, heart and soul went into this project, as does go into all of the innovative and caring community connection work that we do at The Okanagan Chabad House, on a daily basis.

Reach out anytime, we're here for you and are eager to be of service to our extended Okanagan family, ANYTIME!

Huge thanks to Fraidy for her dozens of hours, planning, choosing, shopping, baking, cooking, packaging and personal home visits that made this project the great success which it is, as well as her overall commitment and love to every single one of our brothers and sisters throughout the Okanagan.

Here's one note we received after our first day of deliveries yesterday:

"Thank you so much Rabbi!!  Your generous gift has been gratefully received. We look forward to doing Shabbat with it tomorrow evening." W.Z.

Shabbat Shalom!!

Lots of love from all of us,

Shmuly and Fraidy, Mushka, Mendel, Yosef, Rochel, Sarah and Sholom Dovber Hecht


P.S. Our world is full of love, compassion, acceptance, respect, harmony, hope, connectedness, caring and sharing, and so much more wholesome hard-earned goodness!!!

This is the fact. Majority of our world is awesome!

It's a Divine garden!

Think good, it will be good.

Any reasonable student of history knows that we've come a long way as a human family. We've done a great job.

Let's stay focused, and keep moving upward and onward and we’ll see more human-made miracles.

Let’s make miracles together.

(feel free to share)

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1 Comment

Devoiry K
Devoiry K
Aug 10, 2020

Where can I see a copy of the Shabbos companion?

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