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Yesterday Was The Big Day

As a Rabbi in a community with a very small and spread out Jewish population, our primary vocation is reaching out and being in touch with the people on an individual basis, addressing their every detailed need, be it material or spiritual, from their comfort zone.

It’s incredibly enriching and uplifting to enrich and uplift others.

We all know that when we’re in touch and in positive communication with each other, blessings flow.

So one day I saw the name Nir Saar on Facebook.

Something told me that he might be Jewish.

Always excited to find a fellow tribal member, I sent him a quick message.

Sure enough, after a couple of week's, our coffee and tea meeting finally happened.

We had a wonderful rendezvous, during which we also blessed one another with various Mitzvah opportunities.

Time passed and we had the privilege of hosting him and the whole family for Shabbat dinner and other community events.

Fast forward about half a year.

It was Pesach* time and with Covid-19 around, Fraidy and I along with our children expanded our caring and sharing initiatives within our community and beyond. We spent sometimes 10-12 hours a day, reaching out, visiting, delivering and so on.

Over 200 homes received a special delivery of hand made shmurah matzah, accompanied with some other Passover goodies.

Every family also received a wonderful gift, a beautiful children's Haggadah sponsored by the Alpert's as part of Ariel's special Bar Mitzvah kindness project.

Of course, the Saar family received one as well, delivered by some volunteers.

When it came time for our Shavuot family project, in which each family received a special package for the holiday delivered to their door, I was allotted the Saar family residence on my list for deliveries.

When I came, I got to see Nir's brand new Acupuncture Centre, which is so warm and welcoming. A beautiful new space!

Just before leaving, Nir said to me, "Rabbi, I think I should get some Mezuzahs, what do you think?".

"But more than just the front door," he said.

Nir wanted to do more than just the minimum, utilizing this Divine bonding opportunity to connect with G-d with more earnestness and zing.

And …..Yesterday was the big day!

Mazal tov! Mazal tov!

We got to celebrate the purchase and installation of 3 new beautiful Mezuzahs around the house, with Nir, and Eden and the whole family!

Another Jewish home in Kelowna is protected.

"I can feel the good energy in the house already. I'm not kidding, I can feel it"! he told me.

Boom! You see? That's what I meant when I said earlier "when we are in positive communication with each other, blessings flow!"

Rochel, my daughter, who loves joining me when we deliver Mitzvah opportunities, was also blessed to receive a nice pink bicycle as a gift from Sivan Saar, who recently grew into a bigger one.

While at his place yesterday, we sat down by his desk to chat a bit.

"You know, this place feels so good. It's so fresh and new and bright" I said. "Really good vibes here".

Without missing a beat he said:

"I've learned, that your capacity to see goodness and light, is the grace that you've received".

"If I were to see negativity somewhere" he continued, "I know that the issue is mine, the one who is seeing it. Not the negativity itself".

Nir does acupuncture and energy work bringing healing and strength, and overall realignment to people from all over B.C.

"The higher one goes in the space of energy, freeing oneself from the overt worldliness that we encounter, the less of "me" there is, and the more of the Divine there is in your world" he concluded, as we got up to bid farewell until next time.

…. And it all started with a single positive communication.

The blessings are continuing, thank G-d.

Nir’s website is:

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