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Timely Delivery on G-d's Clock

It was last week, on Friday August 21st.

We were doing our regular social distance home visits.

Keeping our people connected, positive and strong!

We were delivering our special covid Shabbat joy packages, filled with traditional Shabbat foods, an educational Shabbat book, Candles and more, all made with love by Fraidy.

"Accidentally" though, we ended up in an area that wasn't on THAT DAY'S route. 

While there, we decided to visit Mel and G. who received the Passover Chabad delivery, as well as our Shavuot delivery, but hadn't yet received the Shabbat joy delivery. 

I rang the bell downstairs of the building pictured below.

During our wonderful social distance visit at their front door, she told me this. 

"You won't believe this Rabbi".

I smiled.

"I can't believe you're at my doorstep right now" she continued.

"Tonight is our granddaughter's yahrzeit, who tragically passed away at 20 years old. Now that you've come, we can light the candles and have Shabbat in her honour. Thank you so much for remembering us Rabbi. You lifted our spirits.". 

She cried.

Thanked G-d.

Thanked us.

And then we wished each other Shabbat Shalom, until next time.

As they say.... 

"From Almighty G-d, the footsteps of man are directed and established" Psalm 37:23.

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