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Then You Showed Up Out of the Blue

We were about to give up.

We searched door to door for five hours straight with just no luck!

Reading the Megillah at Purim in China- Feb 2013

It was about six months after we moved to Kelowna, and we had Mendel Misholovin with us, a student Rabbi who spent some time here for his internship.

We were just getting ready to go home when we passed by Robinson lighting. I said to Misholovin, “Let’s go to one last place! You know, after such a dedicated day, we must find someone! Hashem will help”.

But when we entered they said there were no Jewish employees there.

Being the last stretch of the day though, and being absolutely determined to find someone, I boldly asked to please speak to the manager.

The manager came out and sure enough, believe it or not, he told us:

“Actually, yes, I do in fact know a Jewish woman. She recently moved to Israel, but her son still lives here, he's a banker at TD Bank.”

We were so excited! Another Yid in Kelowna! What a simcha!

We ran to the TD Bank to find Josh.

Even though he had already moved to a different branch, they were able to locate him and off we went. We missed the 5:00pm tick though, and they were already closed for the day.

The next day was the day! We showed up at his branch, spoke for a minute, gave him a Challah for Shabbos, and wished him well.

Throughout the next few months I continued to go and see him from time to time, also adding him to our weekly email list.

Once I received a reply email saying how much he appreciates the inspiration of the week in the beginning of our email. That was very nice.

I invited him to join us for the “Purim in China” party and that's when he asked me how we fund our Chabad House. Following a brief chat he wanted to set a meeting to discuss his becoming an investor with Chabad Okanagan.

Purim in China Event @ Chabad Feb 2013

It was a Thursday evening when we met.

We spoke for about two hours about many different topics. It was wonderful.

We set up a time to study and schmooze weekly, which he and I were both delighted to do. Afterwards, he asked to view our budget presentation to see what we need to keep moving forward.

Many months later, at one of our learning sessions, he opened up and told me his story:

“You know”, he began, “I was praying for many years. I needed spiritual nourishment. My friends had been taking me to places of “impurity". They were all powerful spiritual experiences, but I knew that they weren’t for me. I didn't get what I needed as a Jewish person. I told G-d that I want to donate a tithe of my money but I don't know where to give it.

“Please, G-d, help me find my true spiritual sustenance, and I will know that I should give my tithe to that organization”, I prayed.

“Literally the very next day, you showed up out of the blue. I couldn't believe it.

I still wasn't sure, but after our meetings many times, you showed me how much you could help me spiritually, and I am therefore now honoured to tithe monthly to help sustain your efforts”.

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