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Surprise Blessing On The Front Lawn

Generally, I try to be really careful about going to Shul* for the daily prayers, even though it's usually just me there, living out here.

Yesterday, it was getting really late, and I could tell that something beyond me was holding me back. 

Every time I tried to leave for Mincha**, something else urgent arose.

Finally, half an hour later than usual, I went over the road to the Shul for Mincha. 

On my way, I saw the beautifully placed Kindness and Hope sign, just standing and spreading light on our lawn. 

It felt great to be the battery behind it.

Earlier that day, we had posted a picture of it on our facebook page, offering them to the public.  

After my prayers, as I was heading back home, I saw the beautiful sign on our lawn again.

However, this time, I didn't JUST see the sign.

There just so happened to be a beautiful man standing right next to it, basking in its light, on his bike, with his daughter near him. 

I came over to him and asked him how he is doing and if I can be of any help. 

He was just so happy to see a sign with this message, standing proudly on our lawn. 

I quickly got to know this man, as our new lovely neighbour from just a few doors down! 

He said that seeing this sign, and being welcomed by us with such excitement, brought him so much joy and contentment. 

We spoke for a long time, during which he shared some personal feelings and stories.

We had a most heartwarming chat. 

He and I are both so glad that we met each other, and that we can now be new friends. 

He was eager to take a sign to place on his own lawn, so he can continue spreading the message. 

We also gave him a delicious bag of chocolates so he can bring the joy back home to his wife and family as well.  

In friendships, focus on being the giver, and remember to be humble to receive as well.

My friend Dwayne has degrees in operations management and marketing, among others. 

Unfortunately due to covid, he had to give up some of his work. 

If you have work for Dwayne, feel free to send us a message.  He's such a wonderful man.

Now I know why I was delayed half an hour yesterday, by Divine design, before finally getting to go to Shul for Mincha. 


All you need to do, 

Is to shine light around you, 

Passerby's will find light, 

And will be very thankful too


* Synagogue 

** Our daily afternoon prayer service

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