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Crisis in this Jungle?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

The letter we sent our community on March 16th, as Corona began.

Dearest community,

Through every crisis the Jewish people always remembered this. It's a time when it behooves us all to reflect on the fact that the world is not a jungle. There is a Creator, who didn't only "once upon a time" create the beginning of the universe, but rather He is always imminently involved in every last iota of the comings and goings in His universe, down to a single leaf falling off of a tree.

He is:

1. All loving.

2. All caring.

3. Omnipotent (all powerful).

Think about these three, and what they represent.

While following all necessary medical precautions; stay calm, trust in Him, be a light and reach out to others. Nothing that comes from above is bad. Only good comes from HaShem (G-d). He has a plan. Everything that happens is another step forward in that direction. He never goes backwards (besides to forgive, which in turn accelerates the forward movement).

Despite it being 2020, our foresight is still not perfect. We are still limited finite beings, and understand close to nothing of the infinity of the universe. Let's do what we can to connect with Him and live more purposefully.

BETTER YET, in our current crisis the stage is very different than in any other crisis prior.

A. The world is more unified, and is overflowing with love in such a special way.

B. We can now utilize the thousands of virtual and online resources to:

1. To know how to stay safe.

2. To love and to care.

3. To educate ourselves in who we are, why we're here, and how to fulfill our purpose.

4. Almost everything has been made free for these purposes during this time.

Grab this unparalleled opportunity and learn a lot! (I have personally found Torah study to be the best remedy for many of life's challenges).


TREASURE YOUR TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. Be present. Cherish the opportunities that inherently exist in every single moment (no matter what it brings) in life.

If you're a doctor or public servant of any kind who is currently unable to be with family,

TREASURE YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE OF SERVICE, while so many others didn't receive the education that you did, or are unable to be on the giving side of society at this time for a variety of other reasons.

If you are alone,

TREASURE THE GIFT OF THE BREATH OF LIFE that you were granted from above, and utilize it to pray for others and uplift their spirits, in any creative way that you can think of.

And here is a little treat in closing, which I hope will do just that.


Let us be positive and visionary, joyous and strong,

let us reach out to others with hope and with song

Let us always remember to Whom we belong,

His love care and power that's present all along

While learning and growing from what seems to be "wrong"

Seize the opportunities that came from Wuhan

An orderly life that appears to be gone

Can return to it's order just as fast as it spun

Play with your kids and make this time fun

Treasure the service that ONLY YOU can get done

Even if you're home and just feeling alone,

or experiencing milestones that are being postponed

There is ALWAYS great blessing beneath the unknown,

Reflect upon this and create a new tone,

One thing I know that the world has been shown

Is that a world of ONENESS, we will soon make our own!

Fraidy and I are sending you lots of -certified safe- Corona hugs.

Feel free to reach out at any time. Please do. We will do whatever we can to be there for you.

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