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A Brighter Moment on the 4th Floor @ KGH

Friday, Feb 1st 2019, in the afternoon, two hours before the commencement of the Holy Shabbos, I jumped into the car with some of our children.

We were on our way to visit a friend who was recovering from the flu with care package in hand.

As we passed by the hospital that day, I felt a strange inner voice, strongly encouraging me to go in and just check if there were any Jewish people there.

I usually visit weekly, but something told me to stop and go in that Friday afternoon one extra time.

So we did. I found parking, got all the kids unbuckled, and inside we went.

Sure enough, to our utter surprise, we encountered a Jewish woman in her last

moments, with her family gathered at her side.

We had a wonderful visit filled with friendship and genuine care. We

gave our undivided attention, answered some questions, and invited them for Shabbat dinner.

We handed them a taste of Fraidy's amazing Challah and ended up making a Grand Bar Mitzvah with her son, as we wrapped the Teffilin together

for the first time in his life (and the first time in 50 years for his dad).

The tears of joy were literally flooding the room; in a sense, lifting us all, if but for a moment beyond our inevitable mortality.

Mom, although unconscious, was surely aware and celebrating along

with us, as she heard the lively singing and dancing that filled

the entire 4th floor wing of the hospital in which we were


The joy of her re-inspired long lost Jewish roots,

with her family by her bedside, was an awakening of the spirit

that melted every heart present.

The woman passed away hours later.

HaShem has His ways of getting people where they need to be, just at the right time.

Fraidy and I and all of our children are so grateful to Hashem for filling our lives with opportunities to care for every one of our brothers and sisters in the valley.

G-d willing we will continue the connection.

May we merit very soon, the day of which it is said "death will be swallowed up forever, and the L-ord our G-d will wipe away tears (of sadness) from every face", speedily, amen.

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