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The Thrilling Spiritual Injection

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Dear beloved community,

Physically drained from dealing in mundane,

Connection to G-d my Soul yearned to gain,

The drama of life, was taking its toll

It was time for a Niggun, a song of the Soul

The alignment was gone,

Emergency! Who to call?

Can’t call 9-1-1 to deal with this fall!

1:00am in Kelowna who's still awake,

Who would find interest in healing this ache

Alaska of all places, it's midnight alright,

My friend, a Chabad Rabbi, had a similar plight

Though physically distant we got to the task,

We strengthened each other to stand tall and on track,

As we delved into teachings no drama can hack

Do you know why,

The Revelation at Sinai,

Needed to be,

These teachings asked me?

Wasn’t the Torah already in place,

Since the days of Adam and his son Shais*?

Yes indeed,

The book we were learning explained

From Abraham to Joseph, to the early days of Moses,

Before the giving of the Torah on the Holiday of Shavuos

The Torah was studied,

And Mitzvahs observed

Just one little detail,

Was hiatus reserved

For even people of greatness and status,

Couldn't keep their injections from the Torah's apparatus

Alas at Sinai

G-d's spirit itself,

Was finally injected,

In every stroke and letter,

A masterpiece now perfected

From then on His Essence,

In it can be traced,

When we study Torah,

By His Holiness we’re embraced

After Mount Sinai,

When Torah you choose,

His infinite rays,

Will shine upon you,

No matter level, background or class,

In His Oneness you will coalesce,

It will become your body's mass

Embedded in the letters of each Torah Book,

Is a piece of the Divine that’s sometimes overlooked

When we study Torah,

We're unified with Him,

In ways indescribable,

To even great Tzaddikim

With this awesome gift, we can all gain the skill,

To overcome falsehoods, that feel tougher than sill,

After brave determination, when our purpose we'll fulfill,

The day will come when we’ll wonder.....

Was it drama or was it thrill?


Use these wise words, of guidance so clear,

And some friendly L'chaim, to top it off...


* Hebrew for Seth, Adam’s son.

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